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Equiwinner Success with Horse Bleeding EIPH, Non-Sweating, Headshaking, Tying-Up and Improving Performance!

Since we launched Equiwinner over nine years ago, Equiwinner has saved many thousands of horses from conditions where their owners were told there was no hope and no treatment. From racehorses worth millions, to the family pet, so many horses have now benefited from the simple straightforward ten day course of Equiwinner, a great advance in equestrian health care.

Bleeding or EIPH is very common in all kinds of horses. Equiwinner has proved to have a better than 99 per cent success rate, with horses not only being returned to full health, but actually improving in performance.

Horses in the hot areas of Florida USA and North Queensland, Australia often had to be removed to a cooler climate because they had lost the ability to sweat. Now Equiwinner gets them sweating again in ten days and there is no need for the horses to be sent away.

Equiwinner is a remarkable and innovative product for horses, based on scientifically restoring the horse to normal health using specially formulated natural electrolytes which will never test positive. Click on the menus above, or use the phone call back service below, to find out how Equiwinner will help your horse, and how to order Equiwinner for immediate dispatch to any part of the world.

At Last - We Find the Cause of Horse Headshaking!

All our work is based on the science of aetiology, the investigation of the actual cause of a condition. For hundreds of years the reason for sudden, and sometimes violent, uncontrolled headshaking in apparently healthy horses has remained a mystery. Now by applying analytical methods we can describe exactly what causes headshaking. You can prove for yourself that what we say is right!

Here is the full wonderful story - Solving the Mystery of Headshaking.

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Equiwinner has saved many hundreds of horses from conditions where their owners were told there was no hope and no treatment. Equiwinner is the trade mark of a very successful product developed to stop bleeding (EIPH), non-sweating (anhidrosis) and headshaking in horses. Equiwinner is owned by ActiveSignal Ltd, a company located in Wales, UK For over 300 years horse riders have seen blood at the nostrils during or soon after performance work in a percentage of athletically trained horses. Equiwinner Makes Horses Sweat Efficiently! The horse is one of the few mammals that, like humans, relies on skin sweating as the main method of cooling during heat or exercise. Horse Headshaking - Cause and Cure for the First Time in History. After a ten day course of Equiwinner including normal daily exercise, the circulation will be normal, and that is the end of the headshaking in any horse which has recently started this distressing condition. Horse Performance Equiwinner has revolutionised the treatment of common conditions in horses for which it was the previous expert advice that there was no treatment. Equiwinner : : Instructions for Using the Famous Equiwinner Patch Worldwide Equine Specialist Distributors for Equiwinner Equiwinner safe secure online ordering for immediate dispatch. Equiwinner contact us or we will phone you and pay for the call. Equiwinner FAQ frequently asked questions about horses and how they can be easily cured of common conditions, EIPH,
non-sweating and headshaking, as well as improving performance.
Equiwinner Vet Reports and Testimonials about the great benefits of Equiwinner.
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